Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A perfect ending

Today was perfect. We did nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G all day long!! After a hectic and crazy weekend we were just pooped! Eugene left for work and the kids and I hung out in our jammies and chilled. It was so lazy even Maxie (the pug) didn't leave the couch except to eat and drink. I'm actually surprised she did that much. Malachi was enjoying standing on the chair looking outside (it was beautiful today in Germany and I think he was mad at me because we didn't go play). Guinevere just hung out and watched movies all day. I did get to meet a new person today!!! Hi Kitty! Hopefully we'll get the chance to hang out some more! Eugene came home and I was actually able to pour me a glass of wine and fix dinner peacefully! The kids are asleep early but I'm not complaining! The rest of the night holds wonderful quality time with the hubby before turning into bed early. I have got to get this house clean sometime so it's an early morning for me tomorrow. I hope your day was just as peaceful as mine was. These days are very rare for me and I'm so glad to have experienced one this week! I needed it!

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