Thursday, April 21, 2011

No energy.

Ugh!!! I have no energy today!! All day long I have not felt right. I even took a 3 hour nap (thank you kids!!!!) and still felt crappy. I did manage to get the dishes and some laundry done though, Go me!! Malachi is hitting the terrible two stage and all he did today was test me. He gets on the table, I tell him to get off, he gets off, then climbs back on, I pull him off, he gets back on, he gets sent to his room. AAHH!!! Guinevere is soo close to walking it's not even funny!! She stood by herself today for who knows how long clapping her hands. She wasn't balanced up against anything!!!! She has also started eating real food. Not baby food anymore!! I didn't think she would ever start eating it but she did the other day and now she's good to go!! We still have to wean her off the bottle but she is doing great! I wanna know how much longer this "terrible two" stage is gonna last. It is going to be the death of me...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Exhaustion - N: extreme weakness for fatigue (

That is me at the end of today. Even though we didn't go anywhere the kids were on a roll today!! They just wanted to play and run around and get into everything!! Malachi will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks so he's hitting the terrible two stage! Guinevere is learning how to do things just like her older brother so I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!! They decided not to nap at the same time either so nothing got done around the house. The dishes from all day today are piled up at the sink and I am so tired that I am going to leave it until in the morning. I can barely keep my eyes open! One good thing about today is I have a couple more orders so far for the fundraiser I am doing for a friend of mine!!! I am hoping and praying that this fundraiser is a big success for her! They really need the help! 

We got the estimate for the damage for our car where it was hit the other day. It's a little over $5,000 dollars. Good thing we don't have to pay for it!!! They are basically going to fix the whole front end. I don't know if they will find more damage or not after they start to fix the cosmetic damage..... It sounds like a huge mess to me, but that's why I know nothing about cars!!!

I have not been able to sit down all day until now... my feet hurt. I enjoy playing with my kids but what I wouldn't give to bottle up just an ounce of their energy! I would be rich!! How in the world they can go and go and go and go and go and go and go is beyond me! I hope I'm not getting old. I'm only 23 going to be 24 here in a few months. I can't have "passed my prime" yet!?!?!?! Ugghh!!! Maybe I'll get some good sleep tonight!

For more info on the fundraiser mentioned above please click here

Nighty Night!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A perfect ending

Today was perfect. We did nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G all day long!! After a hectic and crazy weekend we were just pooped! Eugene left for work and the kids and I hung out in our jammies and chilled. It was so lazy even Maxie (the pug) didn't leave the couch except to eat and drink. I'm actually surprised she did that much. Malachi was enjoying standing on the chair looking outside (it was beautiful today in Germany and I think he was mad at me because we didn't go play). Guinevere just hung out and watched movies all day. I did get to meet a new person today!!! Hi Kitty! Hopefully we'll get the chance to hang out some more! Eugene came home and I was actually able to pour me a glass of wine and fix dinner peacefully! The kids are asleep early but I'm not complaining! The rest of the night holds wonderful quality time with the hubby before turning into bed early. I have got to get this house clean sometime so it's an early morning for me tomorrow. I hope your day was just as peaceful as mine was. These days are very rare for me and I'm so glad to have experienced one this week! I needed it!

A place to relax....

I need a place to relax, somewhere I can go to escape the craziness of the day. At the end of every day there are all these thoughts drifting through my head and I need someplace to empty them. I might rant after a bad day. I might rejoice after a good day. I might cry after a sad day, who knows... but I am among friends here.  I know that I can rant, rave, scream, cry, laugh, express concern and go crazy and I will not be judged. Ah, who am I kidding I know I will be judged but that's ok!!! I don't care if I am or not, what matters to me is getting everything out I am thinking/feeling. Who knows what will go in this blog, but hopefully after I am done writing each day I can sit back and smile. :-)