Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I know I know..... I haven't posted since last year! I'm going to do better!!! I will do better! There are so many things I'd like to share with you! A lot has been going on and a lot has been happening!!!

My oldest son has started school! Bubby (nickname) absolutely loves it! His language has blossomed into so much more than what we were hoping! It's been utterly fantastic. He loves to play with the other students and do the activities they have. Every day when he comes home he has to show me what picture he painted or colored that day. Excitement doesn't even come close to how this child is about school. We do have our challenges though. He is quite stubborn and can be hard headed at times. Sometimes he doesn't want to follow the rules or teacher's direction. Potty training is also a big  issue we are currently working on finding a solution for. He is learning something every day and it just amazes me. He has also figured out how to write the first two letters in his name. Can we say proud mommy moment?!?!?!?! Bubby is growing up so fast and becoming quite the little man of the house.

My second child is quite the anomaly all on her own! I call her my fairy child. She has her own uniqueness about her. Back in October Fairy-girl was diagnosed with Autism. Needless to say it was a bit of a shock, but me and the hubs have learned how to cope with things. We have a few friends who's children also have Autism and they've been a great support system and helping us through this new venture. She's grown so much since last year. She's active and always so happy. Nothing phases this child. She's completely happy to just go with the flow. She still has trouble in social situations and different food textures are a real problem we are working on, but all in all she's such a bright light that just glows wherever she is. One of our favorite things to do is just walk. She loves sitting in the stroller and hanging out with me. Being outside seems to calm her down and she's just so at peace with things. She's my sweet Fairy-girl!

As far as the hubs and myself, well we're still here! Things are going good in the household! Sure, we have our ups and downs. We have our stresses and joys but we are happy. I love him more and more every day and every day without fail he tells me he loves me. One BIG piece of news we have is we will soon add a 3rd child to our family!!!!! I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and things on that side are going great. Of course the kiddos don't really understand yet but knowing them they will be excited!

During the past few months some people have come into our lives that have truly blessed us. The Lord knew we needed good people in our lives and put people who have helped us out in so many ways. We can say that we are so thankful for the things that have happened. Is stress gone, no, but it's been eased.

One big thing I am starting that I am SO EXCITED to share with you all is one of our newest "plans" so to speak. Since we have been blessed with so much kindness the only way to repay that kindness is to "pay if forward". We are going to be starting operation "Kindness Month by Month". The plan is to do one random act of kindness a month. We don't have a lot but we are going to do what we can so we can pay the kindness forward. If we are able to do more than one act we will. The minimum though is one per month. This months Kindness act is we plan to leave coloring books and crayons at our clinic's waiting room for the smaller kids. Does it sound like much no, but it will be beneficial for the parents and the clinic staff so the kids are occupied for a few minutes until the doctor calls them to be seen. As the acts are done we'll post pictures and I'll share on my Facebook and this blog. I hope you'll pick up the Kindness Month by Month as well! I'm more than happy to have help in spreading the love!

With so much going on I'm not sure how much I'll post per month but I'm going to do my best! There is a lot happening right now that I'm wanting you all to know about. There are situations that we are going through that you may relate to. I hope to hear from you with your suggestions and advice. Even though I'm already a mom with 2 children and one on the way I still don't know what I'm doing half the time!

Thank you to all of you for stopping by the blog! We'll all go on adventures together!

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